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People come to therapy at various points in their lives. Sometimes there is a crisis and sometimes a more general wish to explore and change things.

I am a systemic psychotherapist. I am interested in you, and the people, relationships and contexts which matter to you. I am happy to see you on your own or with anyone you would like to bring with you.

I believe that people are resourceful and knowledgeable about their own lives and I will work collaboratively with you to create better relationships and a greater understanding of how communication may be affecting your day to day life.

I have experience of working across a wide range of issues with both adults and children.

In addition, I have a particular interest and expertise in the following areas:

  • working with neurodiversity (autism, ADHD)
  • working with parents whose children are violent or out of control
  • working with gender diversity and sexuality
  • working with children and families where there has been domestic violence or abuse
  • working with life limiting conditions and bereavement

Non-violent Resistance (NVR)

Non-violent resistance is a form of political and social struggle in which people come together to resist oppression through their physical presence and embodied protest (e.g. occupations, sit-ins, marches and strikes). The concepts have been applied by Haim Omer and others to situations in which parents find themselves dealing with children who show extreme forms of violent, challenging, non-functional and (self-) destructive behaviour.

The most well-known exponents of political and social non-violent resistance are Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

The non-violent resistance therapeutic programme was inspired by the work of Haim Omer. Omer applied the approach of social and political non-violent resistance to work with individual families where the parents had lost their presence and their voice in their child’s life. De-escalation, active resistance and the rebuilding of relationships brought about profound changes in how the families functioned, and improved the wellbeing of both parents and children.

Useful links

My doctoral dissertation – a portrait of the NVR group programme

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Non-violent Resistance Innovations in Practice – new book on NVR

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